Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Magic Kingdom

So last night was another amazing night at MK. April and I got there around 915 at night. Well, we got some food at Kasey's Korner and then watched the summer nightastic fireworks at 10:00. After that we went and rode pirates and haunted mansion and got fastpasses for splash mountain. We watched the 11:00 parade which wasn't very crowded at all. It's so cool when the characters in the parade actually interact with you specifically. After the parade was over we still had 2 more hours until the park closed for the night. So we went on our own private splash mountain boat and hopped on thunder mountain railroad. Then we made our way over to fantasyland and got on peter pan's flight in no time at all. We ended the night with a nearly empty show of Philharmagic, where the doors open AutoMagically :)

I definitely plan on checking out mk late at night again this summer. Best ever!! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Nightastic

Well I have finally passed the halfway point in my program (I think). Yay! I was pretty down for a little while there but now I've gotten myself in a good rhythm and am enjoying what I do. I don't know if I told you we had 2 more cps leave us :( When I got here in March, there were 9 cps and now we're down to 5 (we got 1 new cp last week). I really hope we get some new people in the restaurant soon because most of the exciting people left.

Anyways, summer Nightastic has begun at Disneyworld! So the fireworks/parade at MK are now different, DAK stays open an hour later, Epcot has a concert series, and HS has a dj at night and tower of terror got an update. So I went to MK the other day to see the new excitement and I have to say that I love the new parade! It's a lot better than the spectromagic. I did also like the new fireworks, but I'm a big 'Wishes' fan so it's hard to say that I loved it. It starts out kinda lame but the middle is really cool.

I've kinda gotten back in the habit of going to the parks on all of my days off. Which is fine except for the fact that I desperately need to go grocery shopping and I've been getting behind on my laundry again.

Lots of new people are coming soon!! YAY!! Can't wait for you all to get here, and have fun at checkin. Be sure you have all your paperwork and the proper ids so that checkin goes smooth. Also try to decide which apartments you would like to live in and how many roommates you're willing to deal with :)